Tuesday, May 27, 2014


I had different ideas for today's post, but this is a topic that I feel really can't be overlooked, especially when current events are coinciding. Feminism is the one thing this world needs more than anything else, it's 2014 and I still have to worry about my safety when walking to my car, even during the day time! I'm sick and tired of men feeling that women are on this earth for their own personal pleasure. Men, er, should I call them boys, have some weird mindset that women are objects for them to play with, with no emotions, opinions, or life for that matter.

We're not objects, we're not toys, we're not here for you.

The amount of women that I've heard stories from of them being harassed or abused by a boy who they may or may not have known is absolutely outrageous. Personally, I've never been targeted, and hopefully never will be, I'm hoping it's my "I could kick your ass if you breathed on me" look. Unfortunately though, my sister, who I shall remind you is only 15 years old, was downtown for a summer festival taking place, and on my way to pick her up, all of her friends had left and she was alone in the park. There were many people around, so she wasn't completely alone. I had only just left the house when she called me, saying that she was scared and wanted me to stay on the phone with her until I arrived. Halfway there and she started panicking, "Oh my gosh, Ashley there are these three guys staring at me." I assured her that I was almost there and to not make eye contact. She went quiet for a moment, "They're whistling at me, what do I do." By this time, I was there. She got in the car and away from the creeps. The fact that 3 grown men were hitting on a 15 year old girl is disgusting and immoral. To make matters even worse, she saw one of our male neighbors there, who witnessed the men calling for her, and shook his head and laughed. He laughed. 

A recent event where a girl was stabbed for rejecting a guys offer to take her to prom. This girl had a boyfriend at the time, and in no way turned him down in a violent or rude manner. We live in a world where girls who don't want to go to a dance with someone, are killed. Also, a case where six girls were brutally killed by a guy because they refused to have sex with him. We're killed for respecting ourselves. Lastly, the most recent tragedy, the shooting in California where a killed randomly shot 6 innocent students, his 3 roommates, and then himself. His anger spawned from women and why they didn't like him.

I could go on for hours as to why we need feminism, but there shouldn't even be a reason why we do. Why can't we treat each other equally? Is it so hard to respect each other? Can we please start by at least not killing or beating someone when they reject you?

Before I wrap things up, I recommend that all of my female readers take a self defense class. As unfortunate as that sounds, it could possibly save your life. Also, buy pepper spray or a stun gun to keep with you at all times, and a whistle could be helpful too. Check out this link on how to break out of a zip-tie.
Stay safe my friends, and remember, you're no ones object, you never will be. You're your own, independent, strong woman, and kick anyone's ass who tries to tell you otherwise.


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