Thursday, May 1, 2014

Kate Moss for Topshop?

The Queen of fashion is back, and she's brought the 70s with her! Kate Moss has designed a line, yet again, for Topshop, which released yesterday. The hype and build up of the line was incredible, and of course I was excited. The glamorous launch party with pretty much any important model or anyone who was anyone was, in my opinion, better than the actual line itself. There, I said it. I was very disappointing with the pieces. There's a definite 70s vibe with a hit of chic sleepwear. And that's exactly what it looks like, sleepwear. Don't get me wrong, they're obviously very nice, quality pieces and they suit Topshops brand very well, but I just can't really see anyone who isn't famous or in fashion wearing this line. 
I chose some items from the line to give you a clue of what the collection is like if you haven't already seen it. As I mentioned before, there's a big 70s influence with comfortable, loose, luxurious fabrics as well as darker prints and studs. Like the majority of fashion lines, there's at least a few pieces that you'd consider wearing, and while I'm not a fan of this collection, there's definitely a jacket or pair of shorts that I might look at, but only if I have $100 laying around one day. Anyone have a coupon?

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