Monday, April 14, 2014 Box Review

Hi Guys! So today I received my first box from and I'm excited to share with you my snacking experience.
If you're not familiar with Graze, it's a healthy snack company that sends you a box to your home or work with 4 well portioned snacks. Each box is only $6 with free shipping, unless you are out of the United States.
The packaging is very simple in a thin cardboard box, which is understandable due to the companies eco-friendly, natural approach. 
Inside there are four little containers (only three are shown here, I was a tad hungry) with a randomly chosen mix of nuts, dried fruit, chocolate, or seeds.
At first I was skeptical about how good a boxed trail mix could be, but the mix I sampled was very good, and also satisfied my hunger for a while. The mixes aren't your boring old raisins and peanuts either, my mix, called Brooklyn Bites, had poppy seed pretzels, cheese cashews, and roasted pumpkin seeds.  

If you're looking for healthy, yummy snacks to eat at school, home, work, on the go, etc., then you should definitely give graze a try! Check it out here and enter code XK4W33NXB to get your 1st and 5th box free!

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