Sunday, February 16, 2014

MAC Lipstick Review

Hey Guys! For the past few weeks I've been looking for a good pink lipstick that would look good with my complexion, and finally found this one from MAC called Snob. It's a light pink with a bit of a purple undertone, and it looks amazing! Not to mention this is my first ever MAC purchase, so I was very pleased. It was $17 after tax, and it's worth every penny. The container is cute and simple, it smells great, and it lasts forever! I really only need to reapply once, maybe twice a day depending on how often I eat or drink, but even then it tends to stay on pretty well. The only concern I have is it's a tad bit drying. I highly recommend using a clear lip gloss over top. The lady at the counter suggested I buy a gloss, but not thinking I needed one, I declined. I've used a dab of Vaseline on my lips and that works just fine as well. 
Over all, I give this product a 9/10. MAC has a huge selection of colors for every skin tone, don't be afraid to ask the people at the counter to help you find your perfect color!

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